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What's about to happen, what's happening, what's happened - 2014


what's about to happen

Lloyd, Grant Harris and Stu Jones have been asked to write a 4-6000 word paper for the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Journal on the work with Tillandsia and especially the Eureka Tower project.

Plants atop Eureka Tower level 92

17 June 2014. We installed some Tillandsia plants in wire cages wired down to fixing points at four locations on Melbourne's tallest building Eureka Tower. Plant cages were installed at level 56, 65, 91 and 92.


Checked the plants in mid Feb and they are fine, even flowering~!

Following the success of the Airborne installation of 8 suspended rotating air plant sculptures as part of the Melbourne City Arts Grants Program 2013, where the plants were suspended with no auxiliary watering for 14 months through record heat and long dry periods in central Melbourne we decided to push the plant installation to new heights. Unlike current vertical gardens the plants works offer soil and maintenance free installations.

These are experiments to see how the plants grow at such a height from the ground. As far as I know the tallest plant install on a building in the world - from what I can make out the tallest is Bay Sands Singapore at 55 stories so it is a significant step upwards and opens the a new way of incorporating plants on high rise buildings.

A series of publish on demand books have finally been published to coincide with the Deakin Uni show - you can check these out at PUBLICATIONS

19 Feb 2015

Lloyd contributed to this feature in Sourceable

Cooling the Planet One Green Roof at a Time


The highly successful Photographic Syntax workshop which ran over 4 days in January 2015 is to be offered again over 2 separate weekends during the year.

 Photographic syntax Part 1
Sat May 30th 10am – 4pm  & Sun May 31st, 2015 10am - 4pm
Cost $420 (materials included) - more information!

What's happening

Photographic Syntax 
workshop with Lloyd Godman

Sat & Sun 17 & 18 Oct 2015
Hours 10 am – 4 pm


Photographic workshop

Now a Garden Guru?

Ecological artist Lloyd Godman, Gardening Guru Frineds School Hobart

Extreme gardening on the 92nd floor of the Eureka Tower

Article in THE AGE
Date - March 22, 2015 - 7:18PM




Lloyd is working on hybridizing Bromeliad plants and has now moved 700 new hybrids from the nursery into his garden.

Image taken Nov 2010




What's happened

Baldessin Press Workshop
2015 Summer 4 Day Workshop – Photographic Syntax with Lloyd Godman
When Fri – Mon 23 – 26 January 2015
Hours 10 am – 4 pm
Cost $840 (materials included)
Enrolments (03) 9482 1605 or info@baldessinpress.com.au

Course basics:
The Photographic Syntax workshop is designed to unlock the full potential of the camera and give participants the knowledge, skill and confidence to make critical, creative decisions at the very point of shooting. It explores what is photographic syntax, how an audience has been conditioned to read this within a photograph and as a photographer how the camera can be used to control it in a predictable manner. It covers, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lenses, perspective, lighting, framing, view point, image design, and the complex interrelationship of all of these. While the theory of photographic syntax will be discussed, the workshop will be strongly based on specific, experimental shooting and critical, comparative, analysis. It utilizes the full 4 days to explore these methodically one step at a time through practical application in a relaxed manner.

Who is the workshop for: The workshop is suitable for both beginners and intermediate photographers.  If you have ever found the instructions in the camera manual difficult to follow and through habit and convenience reverted to the use of auto settings, this workshop will systematically unlock the potential of each control and give you confidence to unleash your creativity. If you are competent with your camera but have never carried out a range of precise experiments that discovers the camera limits and allows you to compare the visual effects various settings offer, the workshop will allow you to build a strong foundation that inspired shooting decisions can be made from.

 What should you bring:

  • a digital camera that allows the use of manual settings
  • a range of lenses from wide angle to telephoto - a zoom lens will suffice
  • sturdy tripod
  • a laptop or computer with Photoshop or Light Room
  • card-reader or method to transfer files from the camera to the computer
  •  Lunch to share (tea and coffee provided)


  • Variable polarizing neutral density filter
  • cable release

About Lloyd Godman - "The lateral thinker of Australasian photography" - Julie Millowick 2007
Lloyd established the photographic section, and was head for 20 years, at the School of Art, Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, N.Z. which was highly regarded for its innovative approach to photography. The section offered a 4 year degree and MFA. Since moving to Melbourne he has taught at RMIT and NMIT. He offers an engaging personal interpretation to teaching photography and is highly regarded as an excellent teacher and communicator. He has a broad knowledge of the camera and with 40 solo exhibitions has utilized an extensive range of techniques in his work. His work can be viewed at ­ http://www.lloydgodman.net/site/chronology.html
or his recent books at

Lloyd will email details at least 10 days prior to commencement of workshop.
A $50 deposit for weekend will be required to secure an enrolment. Balance of Course Fee is payable no later than commencement of first class.
A course fee refund will be given if:
A class in which you are enrolled is cancelled.
Notice of your withdrawal from a class is given at least 3 weeks in advance.
Register by sending an email to info@baldessinpress.com.au or use the form below, Places fill quickly. You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

Along with the people below, Lloyd has be asked to contribute to the next The Nature of Cities Round Table

The Nature of Cities

Jennifer Adams, New York
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town
Marielle Anzelone, New York
Sarah Bergmann, Seattle
Stephanie Britton, Melbourne
Pauline Bullen, Harare
Tim Collins, Glasgow
Emiio Fantin, Milan
Lloyd Godman, Melbourne
Julie Goodness, Stockholm
Noel Hefele, New York
Todd Lester, San Paolo
Patrick Lydon, San Jose & Seoul
Elliott Maltby, New York
Mary Miss, New York
Lorenza Perelli, Chicago
Lisa Terreni, Wellington
Shawn Van Sluys, Guelph

Our question:

How can art (in all its forms), exhibits, installations and provocations be better catalysts to raise awareness, support and momentum for urban nature and green spaces?

Round Table will be open 3 Nov 
http://t.co/PdqG5iSOHc http://t.co/OpDAaeXM7G

Posted 3 Oct 2013

Deakin University have purchased one of two copies of the Entropy randomized projection., which is on permanant disply in the entrance to the new Deakin Univetrstity Libray development at Burwood, Melbourne

Posted 14 Dec 2013

Melbourne ecological artist unveils living building materials

Air gardens feature in the South China Morning Post

Posted 3 Oct. 2013

Lloyd's plant works features in an article in the latest issue of Austarlian Hardware Journal, written by John Power

Installed my work for Artists Emerge at WTC - opens world Trade centre Atrium gallery, 18-38 Siddeley St Melbourne 16 July 5pm - 7.30pm - love to see you there - Hope you can make it! Exhibition runs to 24 Aug 2014.

NEWS Jan 18 2014

Airborne, a series of 8 super-sustainable suspended rotating air garden sculptures installed in Melbourne in early Feb 2013 have taken the current 100 year heatwave in their stride and without a single drop of water!  The living plant sculptures had already withstood, the heat and long dry period of last summer, the wild winds, rain, etc, of winter.
These works incorporate Tillandsia air plants that can withstand hot dry conditions and unlike vertical gardens that require constant water reticulation, these air gardens  have no auxiliary watering system. The plants take all their water through small cells called trichomes from the atmosphere. Unlike vertical gardens that require regular maintenance and replanting these living sculptures continue to grow and can be harvested every few years or so. This creates a living a resource to create new works from.

Airborne is supported by the City of Melbourne, through the Arts Grants Program 2013 and will remain installed until April 2014

Posted 6 Feb 2014

Interactive gallery layout

Deakin University Art Gallery

Lloyd Godman: 11 sep - 18 oct 2014
A PHOTO: synthetic pathway
Lloyd Godman: A PHOTO: synthetic pathway traces the evolution of the artist’s practice from traditional photographic techniques through to his innovative suspended rotating living air plant sculptures. Through parallel practices as artist and organic gardener, and making a connection between photosynthesis and the role of light in photographic practice, Lloyd Godman presents living plants as ‘super-sustainable’ sculptures. There is a strong environmental thread that binds his diverse oeuvre then opens a portal to conceive the planet as a 'giant living abstract photograph' with a consequential shift from environmental art as comment to environmental activism.

Curator: Leanne Willis, Deakin University.
Curator and artist talk: Wednesday 10 September, 5.30 pm
Exhibition launch: Wednesday 10 September, 6.00 pm

Lloyd Godman - Nature reclaims the Helix, 2012 (detail)
Recycled bicycle wheels steel, Tillandsia plants – super sustainable rotating
Tillandsia air garden, ecologically active art
Dimensions: Variable – H 80 cm, Diameter
50 cm
11 sep - 18 oct

Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus (Building FA)
221 Burwood Highway,
Burwood Vic 3125. Melway ref 61 B5.
T 03 9244 5344 F 03 9244 5254
E artgallery@deakin.edu.au
W deakin.edu.au/art-collection
Administration open weekdays only.
Gallery hours
Tuesday–Friday 10 am–4 pm Saturday 1 pm–5 pm
Gallery closed on public holidays. Free entry.
Deakin University Art Gallery

Posted 29 June 2013

Some of Lloyd's photographs of the Rolling Stones shot at the Western Springs Concert New Zealand - 1973 are to be published in a forth coming book

Title: Rolling Stones Gear
Author: Andy Babiuk & Greg Prevost
Imprint: Backbeat
Format: hardcover, 9 X 12, 500 pages
Print run: 5,000
Price: $60.00 US
Pub date: October, 2013

Posted 29 June 2013

4 new air gardens to be installed mid July As part of the MCC Art Grants Program for 2013

Airborne features in Greenplaces magazine, Issue 91 March 2013 World's first rotating air gardens debut in Melbourne.

Greenplaces magazine gives new about the green places in the UK

2nd May 2013

Airborne is located on the growingmap

View the site and offer a comment!

Green Roofs, Green Walls and Urban Farms are sprouting, changing the world around us.

The GrowingMap project is an open platform, which allows users to add location-based information of green roofs, green walls and urban farms.

Posted 2nd May 2013

Large Last Rivers Song Mural photographs donated to Central Stories Museum at Alexandra.

Lloyd is excited that the 23 large photographs that make up the the 5 composite murals will find a new home close to the River they portray. Thanks to Bill Dacker & Barrie Wills for help in negotiating this.

16 Feb 2013

Airborne features in

Coast Magazine

Green Spaces

the Weekly Review

Australian Hardware Journal

The Scandinavian Architecture blog

DZine Trip online design Magazine

Southalnd Times NZ

Inhabitat magazine


techinverstor news



a greenliving


Pratt Center for Sustainable Design Strategies - Aug 10


Printerest art installations

Environmental guru

Byte and chew

Steal Magazine


around you

please take me to

Artlink Magazine


Posted 12 Feb 2013

As part of the MCC Art Grants Program for 2013 Lloyd has just installed the worlds largest series of rotating air gardens.

Mock up of air gardens for the MCC Art Grants Project

Some works will be part of the Sustainable Living Festival

Sustainable Lens Radio show

listen to the podcast now online -

Sustainable Lens Radio show, lloyd Godman

On a recent trip to Dunedin NZ , Samuel Mann asked me for an interview for Sustainable Lens Radio show the only time I could manage was 7 am.

Samuel Mann interviews Lloyd Godman on his recent air plant work -

Catch it live - Otago Access Radio (Dec 27, Thursday NZ 7-8pm 105.4FM/1575AM in Dunedin).

- http://sustainablelens.org


Posted 13 Sept 2012

Lloyd's works features in an article in the latest issue issue - Disatater and Fortitude - of Artlink, written by Helen Mc Dondald. The article will centre on the Last Rivers Song, Entropy and new plant works.

Contact lenses: Lloyd Godman's ecological art

Helen McDonald

New Zealand-born ecological artist, Lloyd Godman, who now lives in Australia, has in his own determined way for over thirty years, pondered and acted upon questions of how aesthetics might be involved in creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Historian Helen McDonald uses eco-critic Timothy Morton's notion of ambient aesthetics to examine three of Godman's multimedia projects.

Atmocycle I Installed at Yering Station for the 2012 Yering Station Sculpture Award -

28 Oct - 2 Dec 2012

Opening 2pm 28 Oct 2012

Posted 13 Spet 2012

Atmocyle, rotating air garden selected for the Yering Station Sculpture Award 2012 - this will be installed from mid Oct 2012

Moonee Valley Weekly, Artist's in the growth business, BY ROBERT FEDELE, 08 May, 2012 12:00 AM

30 March 2012

One of Lloyd's suspended air plant works, Atmocycle has been selected for an environmental exhibition award, ARTECYCLE Incenerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds, Opening Thursday 17 May, 2012

Exhibition Dates Thursday 17 May - Sunday 8 July, 2012

Incinerator Gallery 180 Holmes Rd Moonee Ponds Vic


Posted March 23 - Lloyd is currently in Perth working on a project for Spark_Lab Program - PICA Perth - with  James Berlyn and sound artist Tristan Parr (of Decibel)

There is a  performances scheduled for June 2012

Posted 13 Sept 2012

Posted15 May 2012

One of Lloyd's Atmocycle works has been selected for the Skillset's Flannery Centre Art Prize 2012

The Flannery Centre, 341 Havannah St, Bathurst, 2795

Exhibition opens - Friday 25th May

Posted 1 May 2012

SCOPE Galleries Art Award – Art Concerning Environment

Nature Reclaims the Helix pre-selected for the exhibition

June 2 – July 1, 2012

SCOPE galleries
Director Dr Liza McCosh

38 Kelp Street Warrnambool
VIC 3280 Australia
P +61 3 55614758
M 0410464330  F +61 3 55615692

Posted - March 27

Lloyd is working with Matt Blackwood on a proposal for a major Tillandsia living plant work - Stay tuned - More news to Come!

This is a $360,000 public art sculpture commission, there were 30 applications, Matt and Lloyd have been selected in the final 5. There are up to two commissions to be awarded.

Artlink IPad App about to be launched with a video on Lloyd's super sustainable plant works. Stay tuned - More news to Follow!

The Entropy Projection is installed at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre untill 22 April.

Posted - March 1- 2011 - Stay tuned - More news to Come!

Lloyd Has been invited to be part of

Gavin Keeney / Agence 'X'
HDR/PhD Student
Deakin University / Geelong
School of Architecture and Building
Faculty of Science and Technology
Mobile (61) 423 338 544

April 18-May 18, 2012

Dennys Lascelles Exhibition Gallery
Alfred Deakin Ministerial Library
Deakin University
Geelong, Victoria

With The Last Rivers Song Sequence

The Entropy Projection is also installed from 4 May

27 March 2012

Lloyd's work features on the home page of Lost in e minor