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Evidence from the Religion of Technology - a series of colour photogram works - © Lloyd Godman - 1993-94

Male figure, color photogram - Lloyd Godman 1994

detail of Male figure photogram - Evidence from the Religion of Technology - Lloyd Godman 1994 - the image is mapped click on image section to enlarge Detail A male figure photogram Detail B Detail C Detail D Detail E Detail F Large Color photogram Detail G large color photogram Detail H large color photogram Detail I large color photogram


Shift down through the layers
down through
the layers

Dig deeper to revealDig Deeper to reveal

Large Color Photogram works - 56 Ctype photogram prints - 400x500 each (Total dimension of work 22m x 2.4m) Photographs of installation in Leith building - lower hall way,  School of Art Otago Polytechnic 1997

.entrie work Photographed  from balcony of  landing above - image is mapped click on section to enlarge