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Lloyd Godman - CURRICULUM VITAE - © Lloyd Godman

Lloyd Godman working on Carbon Obscura


CV as Interactive PDF

Lloyd Godman working on Carbon Obscura - 2007 photo - Silvi Glattauer

Lloyd is an ecological artist and has an MFA from RMIT University Melbourne (1999). He has had over 45 solo exhibitions and been included in more than 250 group exhibitions. He established and was head of the photo section at the School of Art Otago Polytechnic New Zealand for 20 years before moving to Melbourne. He instigated and helped organize several major arts events including:

• Photographs 86: 30 exhibitions of photography, 3 workshops and 7 lectures on photography in Dunedin during a 4 week period.

• Art in the Subantarctic: an expedition of 11 artists to the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand. Which included such artists as Bill Hammond, Lawrence Aberhart. At the time the touring exhibition from this exhibition toured more venues than any previous exhibition organized by the Art Gallery directors Council.

His work as always been experimental. His current work explores living plant works and super-sustainable art. In 2011 he created supended rotaing plant sculptures and has worked with plants on tall buildings - Eureka Tower Melbourne.

It is doubtful if Australasia has a more protean, visionary and ecologically committed artist than Lloyd Godman. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand in1952, and now living in Melbourne, Australia, he has been exploring environmental issues through photography (in combination with sculpture, painting and installations) since the early1980s. He began taking more or less traditional landscape pictures in the late 1960s, but exposure to iconoclastic artists like Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, and Joseph Beuys inspired him to begin chipping at the edges of photography in the interest of breaking down boundaries. Black and White magazine USA issue 57 2008

"Lloyd Godman's twin careers of serious and successful organic gardener and practicing artist of great creative energy converge in new and constantly surprising ways to make art about the ecological concerns that underly his gardening. Over almost three decades his art has widened out from relatively traditional landscape photography to include elements of performance, audience participation art and multimedia installation to explore the tensions between electronic consumer society and the ecosystem."

Artlink magazine - Ecology: Everyone's Business - Vol 25 no 4 - Dec - Jan 2006


"The lateral thinker of Australasian photography" - Julie Millowick 2007

In 2011 Lloyd invented the rotating air garden.