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Photogram projects by Lloyd Godman - photogram artists

Related photogram techniques
Rather than simply laying objects onto a piece of light sensitive paper, there are also some other related techniques that are also called "photograms".

Luminogram - Chemigram - Clich'e verre


"In the case of the Luminogram, light itself in various shadings that are created through masks, screens, or boarding becomes the object in the picture. A good part of Moholy Nagy's photogram work was devoted to the lumingram". Floris Neususs

(Luminograms can be made with small points of light directed from a torch, and a range of other light sources played across the surface of the paper. Light can be bounced of reflective surfaces onto the emulsion. I have even experimented with the discharge of static electricity )


This image has been made by playing a focused penlight torch beam onto Colour C type paper . As the paper is designed for printing from a negative, the yellow-red light of the lamp has recorded in negative as this this blue colour.


Mouse over image to view roll over image



Static Neutralizer gun used to make this image

Detail of photogram above

I have made a Luminogram by exposing the paper with luminous creatures.


This image below has been created by repetitively firing an anti static gun at the surface of the paper. The black marks have formed where there is a discharge of electricity.

In this image I used the light from a mobile phone as part of this photogram image -

Here I used the flash from a digital camera to not only illuminate the subject but also expose the photogram.






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