Vivid Carbon Obscura - © Lloyd Godman - Carbon Obscura: an exhibition by Lloyd Godman for VIVID

Lloyd Godman working on Carbon Obscura on the deck outside Photospace Gallery ANU - next image


Youtube video of Carbon Obscura at Green Expectations

Carbon Obscura was commissioned by Latrobe City Council as part of the Green Expectations project.  Green Expectations is a three year arts project that aims to create dialogue within the community of the Latrobe Valley on climate change.  Lloyd Godman’s work was commissioned as a centerpiece for the Gippsland Sustainability Festival with the aim of allowing people attending the festival to participate in, and enjoy a sensory experience that reflects on global warming and its relationship to the mining of coal to generate electricity.   For more information on the Green Expectations project please contact the Creative Director, Alison Taylor 03 5128 5713.









Lloyd contributed to VIVID, the National Photography Festival, held for the first time in Canberra from 11 July to 12 October 2008. VIVID celebrates the vital role of photography in Australian life and history.

an exhibition of prints curated by Peter Fitzpatrick and multimedia documentation.

• a lecture on his work

• a workshop for students in the photomedia dept

• feed back session at Nation Library of Australia

As part of it Lloyd will be building a large Carbon Obscura on the deck outside Photospace gallery