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Mythology of Place - Homage to James K Baxter - © 1993-94 - Lloyd Godman - Lawrence Jones - Mythology of Place - Book now available

Photographs of the Brighton Coastal Otago World of James K Baxter

river road brighton beach

Homage to Baxter  Resonance IV - Panorama of the Brighton River near the bend past the Flats going up River Road. 1994

four selenium toned silver gelatine prints - Lloyd Godman -this image is mapped - click on image detail to enlarge - full sized image

Resonance IV

Panorama of the Brighton River near the bend past the  Flats going up River Road

I had paddled the river many times and initially it seemed impossible to make an image that matched the drama that Baxter found here. Larry and I had even tipped over the canoe with my two young sons on board a year or so before, looking for the right spot. We drove up this day planning that the sun would be in about the right spot and that some kind of image would present itself. At the sharp bend where the river is dark and deep I saw the Manuka stick with the grass wrapped around it from a recent flood, projecting from the water and knew this strange symbol would contribute to the image we were seeking.

Map of Brighton indicating where the image Resonance IV was taken from

enlarge map


James K Baxter - Poem references

The Boys 1962   CP

Till at the rock bend
their flailing paddles bruise
A black wide looking-glass where Ngaios gaze

And spread their thighs
A hole going down to the world's centre
waiting to swallow the sun, I think I am
the invisible drowned man.

The River 1966   CP

Nothing as broad as
the river can be seen
these days: it was dark brown and deep----

The creek runs to the sea
finding its way without us


Letter to Sam Hunt  1968   CP

And hear the dark creek water  flow
from a rock gate we do not know 
Till we ourselves become the breach
and silence is our only speech.