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Mythology of Place - Homage to James K Baxter - © 1993-94 - Lloyd Godman - Lawrence Jones - Mythology of Place - Book now available

Photographs of James K Baxter's Central Otago Hinterland World

West Matukituki river past Mt Aspiring Hut

Homage to Baxter- Resonance XX - Panorama of West Matukituki river - past Mt Aspiring Hut - 1994

Three selenium toned silver gelatine prints - Lloyd Godman - image is mapped click on image detail to enlarge - Full size image


Resonance XIX

This image was taken on the far side of the first swing bridge past Mt Aspiring hut on the track up to Shovel Flat. We were looking for "boulders as huge as houses" and here the river reaches a point where the river and the rocks become wilder and wilder. About lies the evidence of torrents of gushing water and boulders strewn about. In the foreground is a huge slab of schist wiped clean that provided the perfect platform to shoot from. Native beech trees line both sides of the river with the odd one ripped from the bank and left half dragged into the flow of the river.

Map of Brighton indicating where the image Resonance XX as taken from

enlarge map


James K Baxter - Poem references

Poem in the Matukituki Valley   CP

and stumbling where the mountains throw their dice 
Of boulders huge as houses...

Three emblems of the heart I carry folded 
as charms against flood water, sliding shale