Impressions de Lumière - from an artist in residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, France - 2007 - Lloyd Godman- © Lloyd Godman

Below are a few photographs of the Chateau de Blacons & the Balcons district

L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons 26400 Mirabel-et-Blacons

Chateau de Blacon, Lloyd Godman


View looking towards the mountains at the back of the Chateau


The view from the window of my Gîte onto the Chateau at dusk.




View from the back of the Chateau onto the mountains

Moon rise from the Chateau, Lloyd Godman


Moon rise from the Chateau Aug 26 2007




Table laid out for the last night of the Yoga group


The lake in the grounds of the Chateau

View through the one of the many gated entrances of the Chateau.
house in the Blacons district, Lloyd Godman One of the houses in the Blacons district
Between the road and the house frontages runs a crystal clear stream, each house had an area where they could step down to wash their linen etc. Many of these are now filled with flowers.
Just before the main gate of the Chateau is a river
and on the side of the river is the old milll house that drove a water wheel.