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books dvds

A catalogue of Bromeliads used for various projects by - Lloyd Godman

This is a catalogue of bromeliads used by Lloyd godman for his various installations and photosynthesis projects - the collection of plants he accessed in New Zealand from 1996 - 2004 was collected from a wide range of sources, while most were brought from Greens Bromeliads, some were also donated by the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Later in 2004 these plants were either sold or given away with his move to Australia.

Lloyd is at present re-establishing his collection where he now lives in Melbourne and utilizing the plants for airborne gardens and the Hybrid project.


A Lexicon of Bromeliads: A resource by Lloyd Godman

Genus - Tillandsia : Sub-Family - Tillandsioideae: Family - Bromelioideae

Tillandsias are regarded as true air plants and as such are among the most unusual of the Bromeliad family. They range from bulbous forms and grass like structures to silver tufted masses. Typically they grow where there is free air movement like high treetop environments or across open rock faces, and often they are heavily covered in silver trichomes that help reflect the high levels of sun light they receive in these locations. While some tolerate temperatures as low as 5 degrees C (40 degrees F), or even lower, most prefer temperatures of around 10-32 degrees C (50-32 degrees F). While they require high levels of humidity, they need to dry out quickly and completely between misting or watering. As the trichome scales open to absorb moisture and close to retain it, it is important that the plants are given time to dry out and most plant deaths occur because of over watering.

Plants are marked NZ for those collected in New Zealand - or Aust - for the new plants collected since coming to Australia


Identifying Tillandsias by flower shape

Identifying Tillandsias by flower colour

Fragrant Tillandsias

Growing Tillandsias

Tillandsia Book low res PDF proof book in progress




Tillandsia acostae ?


Tillandsia aeranthos


Tillandsia albertiana


Tillandsia albida Small


Tillandsia albida Large


Tillandsia ampala now lajenisis

Tillandsia andreana


Tillandsia argentea


Tillandsia araujei

Tillandsia arujei

Tillandsia australis


Tillandsia baileyiTillandsia baileyi Tillandsia baileyi v vivipara Tillandsia balbisiana Tillandsia bandensis Tillandsia bergeri Tillandsia brachchycaulous abdita

Tillandsia brac

Tillandsia brachchycaulous hybrid 1


Tillandsia bulbosa


Tillandsia butzi



Tillandsia caerulea

Tillandsia califano   Tillandsia CaliginosaTillandsia caliginosa   Tillandsia capillaris

Tillandsia capitata peach

Tillandsia capitata Yellow


Tillandsia caulescens

Tillandsia chartacea


Tillandsia cirunata Hybrid


Tillandsia coerulea

Tillandsia coolooa (concolor x flatbellata)


Tillandsia compressa


Tillandsia concolor


Tillandsia cotton candy


Tillandsia crocata


Tillandsia cyanea


Tillandsia didi's gem


Tillandsia disticha major


Tillandsia diaguitensis


Tillandsia dura


Tillandsia duratii


Tillandsia edithae


Tillandsia elhersiana


Tillandsia emile


Tillandsia ErectaTillandsia erecta


Tillandsia Fusciculata Tillandsia fasciculata


Tillandsia fasciculata estie



Tillandsia fasciculata naundorf


Tillandsia filifolia Tillandsia flexuosa

Tillandsia funckianaTillandsia funckiana Tillandsia guatemalensisTillandsia gardeneri

Tillandsia graomogolensis Tillandsia guatemalensisTillandsia guatemalensis Tillandsia 'halley's comet Tillandsia hammeri Tillandsia harrisii

Tillandsia harrisii large form

Tillandsia houston

hybrid of Stricta x recurvifolia - Aust 2011

Tillandsia incarnata


Tillandsia incarnata large


Tillandsia intermedia


Tillandsiai ionantha


Tillandsia ixioides


Tillandsia jucunda


Tillandsia juncea



Tillandsia karwinskyana


Tillandsia kybong Tillandsial landbeckii subspecies andina Tillandsial latifolia Tillandsia vlatifolia v. divaricata Tillandsial latifolia V angustifolia Tillandsia ampala now lajenisis

Tillandsia lorentziana



Tillandsia magnusiana




Tillandsia mallemonti

Tillandsia meridionalis




Tillandsia montana


Tillandsia Mystic Trumpet

T. albertiana x T. Xiphioides

Tillandsia neglecta


Tillandsia Nez Messo


Tillandsia nious


Tillandsia oaxacana (velekiana)

Aust collection 2008

Tillandsia osters hybrid

Tillandsia oticuleta V pringleyi

Aust 2007

Tillandsia plagiotropica

Tillandsia paleacea small

Aust 2007

Tillandsia paleacea ourima

Aust 2010

Tillandsia paleacea large

Aust 2007

Tillandsia prinosa


Tillandsia pseudo bailyi

NZ & Aus 2012


Tillandsia punctulata

NZ - Aust 2016

Tillandsia queroensis

(small incarnata)

Tillandsia punctulata green

Aust 2016



Tillandsia recurvata

Aust 2016



Tillandsia recurvifolia V subsecundifolia

Aust Collection 2007


Tillandsia rodrieuziana

Aust - 2008


Tillandsia rosiflora

Aust 2013

Tillandsia scaposa

Tillandsia schiedeana

Aust 2008

Tillandsia schiedeana minor

Aust 2013

Tillandsia seleriana


Tillandsia secunda

NZ & Aust


Tillandsia seleriana


Tillandsia somnians

Aust 2016

Tillandsia sphaerocephala

Aust 2008

Tillandsia straminea

Aust 2015



Tillandsia streptophylla

N Z & Aust

Tillandsia stricta

Aust 2008

Tillandsia stricta black

Aust 2010

Tillandsia strickta black tip

Aust 2016




Tillandsia stricta hard leafed

Aust 2016

Tillandsia stricta X ixiodes

Aust 2011

Tillandsia tectorum

Aust 2010

Tillandsia tenuifolia


Tillandsia tenufolia bonsall beauty


Tillandsia tenufolia saxicola


Tillandsia tenufolia short leaf


Tillandsia tricholepsis


Tillandsia tricolor


Tillandsia tricolor giant form



Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia utriculata


Tillandsia utriculata " Chocolate"



Tillandsia utriculata var pringlei


Tillandsia variabilis



Tillandsia velekiana

Tillandsia velutina Tillandsia white star


xerographica x brachycaulos


xerographica x capitata peach
Tillandsia xiphioides






Unidentified plants



Tillandsia No1


Tillandsia No 3

N Z Collectionsphaerocephala?

Tillandsia No4


Tillandsia Species

Peru #5 - N Z

Tillandsia No1


Tillandsia No2


Tillandsia No4


Tillandsia No 5


Tillandsia No 6


Tillandsia No 7


Tillandsia No 8


Tillandsia No 9


Tillandsia No 10


Tillandsia No 11


Tillandsia No 12


Tillandsia Geelong No 1 Tillandsia Geelong No 2 Tillandsia Geelong No 3 Tillandsia Geelong No 4 Tillandsia Geelong No 5 Tillandsia Geelong No 6
Tillandsia Geelong No 7 Tillandsia Geelong No 8 Tillandsia Geelong No 9 Tillandsia Geelong No 10 Tillandsia Geelong No 11