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timed lapse - an interactive installation by Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

Artist Journal - Lloyd Godman - Jan 2005

Accelerating Sequence - Artists respond to time and Aging

Curated by Dan Talley

MOCA Ga Georgia Atlanta USA - Jan 2005

Timed Lapse consisted of a trough with plants growing in it suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, a web cam, computer with custom made time lapse soft ware, a trigger device and a computer monitor. The audience took photographs of themselves through the plants via a joy stick which triggered a web cam. Each image was loaded into a data base. The software continually reconstructed time lapse sequences of 50 images and projected them over a two minute period. Every time a new image was added to the data base, the software reconstructed a new time lapse sequence selecting the images based from number 1 to the last image added to the data base.

As the exhibition progressed - Initially the plants grew and as water was withheld - they wilted, collapsed and died.


Timed Lapse: As part of the exhibition Accelerating Sequence: Artists respond to time and aging, curated by Dan Talley, Timed Lapse was installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia (MOCA ga) in January 2005. It was centered on an audience taking web-cam images of themselves through a variety of plants some dying, some growing and others sprouting. The changing features of the audience viewing the plants, or passing by, become an integral part of the web-cam images. These images were loaded into a computer data base which continually regenerated a new sequences of images every 2 minutes and played them via a monitor along with factual data about the images: date, time, image number, number of times included in sequence.BIT research project

I have been allocated a 3rd year computer research student from the Bachelor of Information Technology course to use the project for their research and work full time on the project. This aspect of the project would involve creating a program that would control the camera to take one image on a fixed timeframe, down load these into the computer and store them in a fixed numerical order. Then continually build a new sequence of 50 images from 1 to the last image downloaded and project them as a loop time-lapse sequence.

If there is time we would also look to develop a program that selects certain images from the bank and down grades the image size every time it is selected as part of the image sequence until eventually the image disintegrates beyond recognition.

The first Timed Lapse was followed up with a second version in a survey exhibition at Burrinja Gallery in Feb 2008

Lloyd Godman's "Timed Lapse," elegant and complex, is so oblique in its juxtaposition of growing plants and digital photos gallery visitors take of themselves that it takes the viewer to figure out its relation to time and natural processes.

From: MOCA muses on realities, ironies of growing old

For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/06/2005

Construction and installation of the work

Workshop at MOCA Ga