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timed lapse - an interactive installation by Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

Text - timed lapse - an interactive installation by Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

For the aging human memory, where life’s new experience creates an ever-growing memory base, memory demands an abbreviated recollection with each new telling. There is the contradiction of expanding periods of time compressed into an incessant time frame. Discarded for the telling, lost through a lapse in memory or completely erased through memory loss, with each new sequence information is dropped from the loop.

Unwittingly the audience becomes subject.

In the same way memory is clouded, obscured or destroyed by time; the growth of the plants are not the object of attention, but a parasitic vine, which progressively subverts and strangles the clear view of the subject beyond the glass.

The growth of the plants exhibited will form a compound metaphor for the rates of change and the experience of duration through time. The actual rate of change will be measured by the accumulation of photo …. images of the viewers morphing together over the life cycle of the plants and subject to the vagaries of erasure and chance in time.

At a moment in history when the western worlds population is rapidly aging it is significant that our attention has moved to re-examine what the aging process means. We understand the individual model of self reflective scrutiny offered by Rembrandt or a Van Gogh or a Francis Bacon but a collective experience of the entropy inherent in duration eludes us. It is this state that Lloyd’s work seeks to address and explore.

Donal Fitzpatrick