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"The process of photosynthesis is like a fine, critical thread that invisibly suspends all our food and the dining experience before us". Lloyd Godman 2005


St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

Lemon - Lisbon - was planted in the winter of 2005

This tree struggled to establish and would drop leaves in the very hot weather - by the winter of 2007 it only had 4 leaves. Nov 2006 this plant developed a scale problem

I tried Peter Peter Caudal's recipe -

To rectify this scale problem, use about a cup of ordinary cooking oil, a half a cup of water and a tiny amount of ordinary washing-up detergent. This is known as white oil. Put it in water, so it's about 40 parts water to one of this mixture. Stir it up and spray it on. To kill the scale insects ensure it is also sprayed under the leaves.

At the height of the drought in 2008 the tree was reduced to just four leaves - However I persevered with the tree and from then on it appeared to find new life and has grown well.


March 2010